35+ Best Notion Template Dashboard Template & Homepage Ideas for 2024

Elevate your productivity and simplify your lifestyle using a Notion Dashboard. Whether it's managing your personal life, work commitments, side projects, or passions, Notion offers a centralized hub for all that's important to you. Join us as we delve into some of the finest Notion Dashboards.
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April 16, 2024

Discover the best Notion Template Dashboard Template

In our fast-paced world, staying organized can be a challenge. Whether it's managing personal projects, professional tasks, or hobbies, the sheer volume of information and tasks can be overwhelming. A digital dashboard can help, by revolutionizing how we approach organization and goal achievement.

Imagine having a hub where yo can track your to-do lists, set and monitor your goals, manage your calendar, jot down ideas, store important documents, and cultivate your creative projects. This is the power of a digital dashboard – a visual and functional representation of your life's commitments, aspirations, and progress.

Let’s explore how you can use Notion as your digital dashboard to organize everything that matters in your life.

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Best Dashboard Templates for Notion

Life Dashboard

Let's start our roundup with some templates that will help you streamline your entire life.

Ultimate Life Planner for Notion

Introducing the Ultimate Life Planner: Your solution to bringing order to your thoughts and daily life.

What's Inside:If you're feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of daily responsibilities, the Ultimate Life Planner is here to assist. This Notion Life Planner is a toolkit that allows you to structure your thoughts, streamline your activities, and reach your ambitions effectively.

Highlighted Features:

  1. Comprehensive Task Management: Keep track of your tasks and to-dos, making sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  2. Daily Planner with Time Slots: Organize your day hour by hour, ensuring you manage your time wisely.
  3. Weekly Schedule: Gain a clear overview of your week's commitments, helping you plan ahead.

In essence, the Ultimate Life Planner simplifies the complex task of managing your life. Whether it's juggling work, personal life, or relationships, this planner offers you a stress-free approach to organize everything, giving you the tools to conquer each day and work toward your aspirations.

Template Available Here

Adhd Focus Planner

ADHD-friendly planner is the key to conquering overwhelm and unlocking your potential. This planner is tailored to help individuals with ADHD overcome challenges like scattered thoughts and missed appointments. It's time to take control of your life.

Built on proven psychology frameworks (CBT & DBT), this planner tackles ADHD symptoms head-on. It addresses issues like organization, focus, motivation, and task completion. I've dedicated over 200 hours to its creation, ensuring it's a powerful tool for managing ADHD symptoms. The ADHD Life Planner is your comprehensive system for harnessing your ultimate potential.

Key Features:

  1. Intuitive Color-Coding: Easily navigate through the planner with color-coded sections.
  2. Distraction-Free Setup: Minimize distractions with a clean and focused design.
  3. Guided Video Tutorials: Benefit from step-by-step video guides for effective use.

Trusted by over 100 individuals with ADHD, it's time to take charge of your life and regain control. Say goodbye to chaos and welcome a new level of organization and success.

Template Available Here

Other Life Dashboard for Notion

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Student Dashboard

Student life can be hard. With so many things to juggle - getting good grades, doing homework, and balancing your personal life - a dashboard is what you need to keep from getting lost in papers or juggling between multiple different apps.

Other Student Dashboard

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Aesthetic Notion Dashboards

Do you love having everything organized in a beautiful system? If so, you can achieve this with Notion. Here are some of my favorite aesthetic dashboards for Notion.

Aura Dashboard

Do you love the aura aesthetic? This template is perfect for you. Designed by Gridfiti, it includes numerous pages with an aesthetic aura gradient. The templates also come with widgets, such as the aura clock, quote widget, weather widget, and Spotify playlist.

Template Available Here

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Other Aesthetic Dashboard

Notion Finance Dashboard

Managing your finances is key to financial success. With a Finance Dashboard, you can track your income, expenses, subscriptions, and have a quick overview of your balance and cash flow.

Ultimate Finance Tracker

Ultimate Notion Finance Tracker is the all-in-one system for turning your financial aspirations into reality. With this tracker, you can effortlessly save money, fine-tune your budget, and gain valuable insights into your finances to make better financial choices.

Key Features:

  1. Mobile-Friendly Logging: Easily record transactions on-the-go using the Quick Logging page for mobile devices.
  2. Simple Setup: Get started swiftly with the Quick Setup Page.
  3. Dark Mode & Light Mode: Enjoy a visually comfortable experience with optimization for both dark mode and light mode.

Template Available Here

Kakebo Budget Planner

Kakebo Budget Planner for Notion, your path to finding financial tranquility while achieving your savings target. Embracing mindful spending is a habit that can positively shape your financial future.

This planner is designed to guide you in keeping a record of your spending and attaining your savings goal, all within a visually appealing framework inspired by Japanese money wisdom. Kakebo is a minimalist and mindful approach to managing finances and budgeting, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese methods of saving money.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic Calculation: Effortlessly track your finances with automatic calculations.
  2. Aesthetic Themes: Choose from three visually pleasing themes that resonate with your style.
  3. Japanese Quote: Be inspired by a meaningful Japanese quote that encapsulates the essence of mindful financial management.

Simple Budget Tracker

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Other Finance Dashboard:

Notion Travel Dashboard

Traveling is a beautiful experience, but sometimes organizing and planning your itinerary can feel scattered. With a travel dashboard, you can avoid juggling between multiple apps and organize everything in one place.

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Other Travel Dashboard:

Notion Social Media Dashboard

If you create content online, you should have a system to organize your ideas, content, and schedule posts. Here are some of the best social media dashboards you can try.

Ultimate Social Media Planner

Social Media Planner is the key to accelerating audience growth. This versatile planner empowers you to craft, organize, and execute a winning social media strategy across any desired platform.

Key Features:

  1. 25+ Page Strategy E-Book: Gain insights from our extensive social media content creation strategy guide.
  2. Canva Templates: Access templates for IG, Pinterest, and YT for cohesive visuals.
  3. Seamless Planning: Experience stress-free content planning through our integrated tools.

Other Social Media Dashboard:

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Notion Productivity Dashboards

Ultimate Productivity System

The Ultimate Productivity System is a comprehensive and streamlined all-in-one system designed to help you skyrocket your productivity. It doesn't have any fancy features that slow you down, but instead offers a robust system to manage your projects, tasks, goals, and resources.

Here's what's included:

  1. Centralized dashboard with buttons and a navigation bar.
  2. A 3-step process to boost productivity: Plan, Process, and Review.
  3. Task Manager.
  4. Project Manager.
  5. Goal Tracker.
  6. Resources with bookmark and notes that have auto-sorting features, making it easy to sort your notes by collection, topic, or project.
  7. A powerful Review System with weekly, monthly, and yearly reviews already set up.
  8. Deep Focus Session Tracker.

Key Features

  1. Easy and Intuitive to Use
  2. Interconnected Database with Smart Formulas
  3. Optimized for Dark and Light Mode
  4. Tutorial included.

Template Available Here

More Productivity Dashboard:

Notion Dashboard for Personal Use

There are plenty of comprehensive dashboard for personal use for Notion. Here’s our favorites.

Anime Cafe Dashboard – All-In-One Personal Hub

Simplify and streamline your life with the Anime Cafe Dashboard!

  1. All-in-One Convenience: With everything in one place, your daily routines, goals, and lifestyle management become simpler and more organized.
  2. Personalized Cafe Experience: The virtual cafe setting provides a unique and enjoyable way to engage with your tasks and activities.
  3. Comprehensive Toolkit: From habit tracking to financial management, the dashboard covers a wide range of aspects, ensuring you have tools for various areas of your life.

Template Available Here

Notion Dashboard for Read & Watch List

Having a place to store all your watch list and readling list is a wonderful way to both stay organized and celebrate your passions, here some ideas for your watch/read list dashboard in Notion.

Ultimate Reading Tracker

Ultimate Reading Tracker for Notion is  your essential tool for enhancing your reading journey. Created by Notion Avenue, this all-in-one reading tracker is your trusted companion for navigating the world of books.

Key Features:

  1. Dark & Light Mode: Enjoy comfortable reading with support for both dark and light mode.

Get the Template Here

Notion Business Dashboards

Starting a business is an exciting adventure, but it can also be challenging. Here are some templates to help you navigate the ups and downs of starting a business.

Bootstrap OS

Introducing BOOTSTRAP OS – your path to transitioning from idea to a thriving business. This step-by-step plan simplifies your journey to realizing your business dreams.

Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with clarity and direction. BOOTSTRAP OS is your go-to resource for transitioning your idea into a thriving business, avoiding scattered files and overwhelming processes. Experience the journey from concept to reality with ease.

Template Available Here

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Other Business Dashboard:

Notion Freelancers Dashboard

Are you a freelancer looking to streamline your process and increase productivity? Here a dashboard that can revolutionize your work.

Freelancer OS

If you want to manage your freelancing work well, try using Freelancer OS by Easlo. This Notion template can help you keep track of your projects, clients, and finances all in one place.

Main Features

  1. Bare minimum design
  2. Easy to use and understand
  3. Can be accessed on mobile devices

Template Available Here

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Other Freelancers Dashboard

Wrapping Up

To wrap this up, I believe it's important to have a centralized hub for all the things you need to take care of in life and work. A Notion dashboard can do precisely that by offering a system to organize, sort, and streamline your life. There are dashboards for every need and level of expertise, from finance trackers to language learning templates. Why not give it a try and see how it can transform the way you work and live?

Happy Notion-ing!

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