The 15+ Best Notion Planners & Agenda Templates to Conquer the Day (2024)

Discover the best Notion planner and agenda templates to streamline productivity and achieve goals. Whether you are looking for a daily planner, a weekly planner, or a free or aesthetic planner template there is something for you in our guide.
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February 15, 2024

Are you someone who's always busy and trying to achieve your goals? Do you often feel like you're juggling too many tasks and appointments at once? We know the feeling! But don't worry, we have a solution that can save your sanity, the Notion app and in particular planner and agenda templates!

Just imagine having a magic tool (well, template) that transforms your chaotic schedule into an organized symphony. No more missed appointments or deadlines – just a beautifully laid-out plan that's ready to go. Whether you're a list-making expert or new to scheduling, these templates have got your back.

So, grab your favorite beverage and let's explore the amazing world of planner and agenda templates. We'll tell you how these little lifesavers can turn your days from "how am I going to make it through this?" to "I've got this!"

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Best Planners Template for Notion

Let's start our roundup with an all-in-one, comprehensive system to organize your life. In fact, planning and organizing your life is not just about a planner and agenda. If you are truly serious about taking control of your life, these comprehensive templates will help you achieve your goals.

Are you looking for a more specific planner for Notion? I've got your back.

1. Ultimate Life Planner

Ultimate Life Planner Notion Template

Organize your mind and life in one place.

Feel as if your life is all over the place? The Ultimate Life Planner will help you organize your mind, streamline your life and achieve your goals.

Stress-Free Way to Organize your Life

It can be overwhelming to balance work, relationships, and personal life. That's why having an efficient planner is crucial. With our Notion Life Planner, you'll have a system designed to help you take control of your schedule and simplify your day-to-day.

Ultimate Life Planner Daily Planner View

Conquer the Day. Unlock your Vision

Cohesive planning across all pages allows you to plan with ease. Plan by day, week, month, and year. Provide two planning systems to accommodate your preferences.

Life Planner Key Features

  1. Comprehensive to-do and task management system
  2. Daily Planner with Time Slot
  3. Weekly Schedule
  4. Plan tasks by day, week, month or year.
  5. Access your tasks from multiple page
  6. Interconnected database system

Template Available Here

2. ADHD Life Planner

Adhd Life Planner Notion Template

Overwhelmed no more. Unlock your full potential. Take the driver's seat of your life with the ADHD-friendly planner. No more scattered thoughts or missed appointments - take control of your life now.

Cut through the noise. Backed by psychology frameworks (CBT & DBT) proven to relieve ADHD symptoms. Organizing, focusing, motivating, and finishing tasks are challenges for individuals with ADHD. That's why I spent 200+ hours designing, researching, and implementing the optimal planner to manage ADHD symptoms. The ADHD Life Planner is a comprehensive system to help neurodivergent individuals achieve their ultimate potential.

What's Included

  • Dashboard
  • Get Things Done
  • Organize your stuff
  • Self-Care
  • Home Mastery
  • Calming Tools


  1. Color-coded for intuitive navigation
  2. Distraction-free system
  3. Guided video tutorials
  4. Trusted by 100+ individuals with ADHD

Tame your life now.

Template Available Here

3. Daily Planner

Daily Planner for Notion

This digital template is designed to transform your daily planning routine into an organized and efficient powerhouse. The creator of the template also offer a customized version that you can have them build to suit your need

Key Features

  • Daily Focus: Set your top priorities and main goals for the day, ensuring you tackle what truly matters.
  • Important Times: Keep track of crucial appointments, meetings, and time-sensitive tasks in one glance.
  • Daily Break Downs: Dive deep into your day with hourly breakdowns, maximizing your productivity and time management.

Template Available Here

5. Weekly Planner Template

Weekly Planner Template for Notion

This weekly planner template for Notion is perfect for people who want to stay organized and productive. It's a great tool for students, professionals, and anyone who wants to keep on top of their schedule.

What's included:

  • A Journal Page: Pour out your thoughts, dreams, and daily reflections in a dedicated journal space.
  • Habit Tracker: Nail those positive routines and keep your self-improvement game strong.
  • Quick Links: One-click access to your most important pages, because ain't nobody got time for digging.
  • Easily Completed Tasks: Celebrate the small wins and check off those quick tasks with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Daily Affirmations: Pump yourself up with daily doses of positivity and set the tone for greatness.
  • Weekly Intentions: Manifest success by setting intentions that align with your goals and aspirations.


  1. Beginner friendly

Template Available Here

6. Planner Bundle

Digital planning is a great way to stay organized, save paper, and improve productivity. This free planner bundle for Notion includes daily, weekly, and monthly planners to help you organize your life and achieve your goals. The planners are minimalist and allow you to organize in a way that suits your preferences. This bundle include daily planner template for free, a weekly planner template for free and also a monthly planner template for free.


  1. Daily, weekly, and monthly planners
  2. Daily Planner with time slot.
  3. Easily create a new planning page with just one click using the template
  4. No need to manually remove information to reuse the template

Template Available Here

Notion Planner Templates Free

What about getting some notion planner template or agenda template for free? We’ve collected some for you.

7. Ella’s Weekly Hourly Planner

Weekly Hourly Planner for Notion

This is another cute template designed by Ella. It features a monthly spread with a custom banner for each month and a customized template for organizing each week.


  1. Colorful
  2. Simple to Use
  3. Reuse template

Template Available Here

8. Notion Weekly Agenda

Notion Weekly Agenda

Template Available Here

9. Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners for Notioon

Template Available Here

10. Notion Calendar Template

Notion Calendar Template Free

Balancing work deadlines, personal appointments, family commitments, and a bit of leisure time can often feel like a high-stakes juggling act. With tasks and dates piling up, it's easy to let things slip through the cracks.

Use this template to organize your schedule, keep track of all important dates, and maintain a harmonious work-life balance.


  1. Free to use
  2. Designed by Notion Team

Template Available Here

Notion Planner Templates Aesthetic

Need a little extra cuteness in your planning experience? We've got you covered. Here are some of the best aesthetic Notion planner templates. Spoiler alert: we truly love Studio Ghibli :) And for those of you feeling like DIY-ing your planner, just check out my ultimate guide to making your Notion aesthetic.

11. Studio Ghibli Life Planner

A Studio Ghibli Life Planner Template for Notion

If you are a Studio Ghibli fan, you will love this template.

Get your daily life together with our all-in-one ultimate Notion life planner.

The Studio Ghibli Notion Template includes over 75 pre-built tools and more than 200 pages. It is the only template you need to organize your life and achieve your goals. This powerful and aesthetically pleasing Notion template includes many tools such as a Notion meal planner, Notion fitness and workout, Notion finance, and more.


  1. Over 120 pages
  2. Free updates
  3. All-in-one planner

Template available here

12. Studio Ghibli Weekly Agenda

A Studio Ghibli Weekly Agenda for Notion

It’s hard to not love a cute weekly agenda, especially if is Studio Ghibli themed, this simple weekly agenda is cute and also free, so no reason at all to not just download it straight away. Channel your inner Totoro and stay effortlessly organized as you conquer tasks day by day. With enchanting visuals and intuitive planning, this template will help you glide through your week with style and grace.

Key Features

  • Daily Task Sections: Plan your days with designated spaces for each day's to-dos.
  • Studio Ghibli Vibes: Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Studio Ghibli-inspired aesthetics.
  • Effortless Planning: Keep track of your weekly tasks while adding a sprinkle of magic to your routine.

Template Available Here

13. Notion Wednesday Planner

A dark mode daily planner for Notion

Wednesday's Netflix show has been a huge cultural phenomenon. It's no wonder that Easlo has decided to create a daily planner for Notion that celebrates the main character. This template has a dark mode aesthetic (of course!) and includes some Wednesday planner images. It's a good example of how easy it is to completely change the tone of a Notion page with just a few additions.

Template Available Here

14. Spirited Away Digital Planner

Spirited Away Digital Planner for Notion

Another Studio Ghibli-inspired dashboard is on the list. This Notion template has a Spirited Away themed design, with images and covers from the movie itself. Studio Ghibli fans will love this template. The digital planner includes a dashboard, a task and goal tracker, a simple budget template, and a simple habit tracker.


  1. Spirited Away Inspired Theme
  2. Includes animated images and cover
  3. Easy to use

Template Available Here

Notion Planner for Students

If you are a student struggling to juggle your academic and personal life, you definitely need to check out some Notion planners designed for students.

16. Life & Study Planner Template for Notion

Life & Study Planner Notion Template

This template combines everything you may need to organize your life with everything you need to stay on top of your academic duties. If you're ready to take academic life up a notch, consider using the Notion Student Planner. With over 34 pages, is the ultimate companion for conquering classes, nailing assignments, and manifesting your best self.

What's included:

  • Comprehensive Academic Dashboard: Level up your study game with a meticulously crafted dashboard that corrals all your courses, readings, lectures, and assignments in one powerful and sleek interface.
  • Task Tracking: Tackle personal and academic tasks like a champ, ensuring no task escapes your notice or mastery.
  • Goal Manifestation: Set and crush your academic and personal goals with precision, thanks to this template's mindful design.
  • Weekly Overview: Map out your week ahead with a dynamic overview that keeps you in the driver's seat of your time.
  • Assignment Tracker: Conquer deadlines like a pro with a dedicated space to monitor and conquer all your assignments.
  • Personal Life & Finance: Workout and Meal Planner, Expenses Tracker Tv & Show an Reading Journal, plus a Travel Planner!

Key Features

  • Interlinked Pages: Seamlessly navigate through interconnected pages that make staying organized a breeze.
  • Minimalist Design: Immerse yourself in a sleek, clutter-free interface that's easy on the eyes and high on functionality.

Template Available Here

Your turn! Let’s Build a Daily and Weekly Planner in Notion.

Feeling like making your planner in Notion? Here some basic step you can follow to start.

How to Make a Daily Planner in Notion

A simple daily planner built in Notion

There are plenty of ways to design a daily planner in Notion. In this guide, I'm going to cover one.

Here are the steps to create a daily planner in Notion:

  1. Open a new page in Notion and select <s>Table<s> as the page type.
  2. Rename the page to "Daily Planner" or any name you prefer.
  3. Add the following columns to the table: <s>Select<s> and <s>Checkbox<s>
  4. Rename the Name property to “tasks”
  5. Rename the <s>Select<s> column to "Time", add the time slots for the day, such as 8:00 AM, 9:00 AM, 10:00 AM, etc.
  6. Customize the page by adding images, colors, or other elements to make it more visually appealing.

How to Make a Weekly Planner in Notion

A simple weekly planner for Notion

Here are the steps to create a weekly planner in Notion:

  1. Open a new page in Notion and select <s>Table<s> as the page type.
  2. Rename the page to "Weekly Planner" or any name you prefer.
  3. Rename the first column to Tasks.
  4. Add the following columns to the table: <s>Multi-select<s> as a <s>Checkbox,<s> <s>Text,<s>
  5. Rename Multi-select to “Days” and add all the day of the week.
  6. In the <s>Tasks<s> column, list the tasks or events that need to be completed for each day of the week.
  7. In the <s>Notes<s> column, add any additional details about the tasks or events.
  8. Now turn the database view from table to board view, then change the size of the card to small, so you can see all the week in a page.
  9. Customize the page by adding images, colors, or other elements to make it more visually appealing.

Wrapping Up

To sum it up, Notion truly stands as a powerhouse tool that's got your back in the journey of organizing life and nailing those goals. With the added boost from planner and agenda templates, you can weave a harmonious melody out of your once chaotic schedule. As you've explored these top-notch Notion planner and agenda templates, we're rooting for you to seize the reins of your life and make every tick of the clock count. And hey, don't miss out on our other cool Notion template round-ups – plus, scoop up some awesome freebies by joining our mailing list!

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