7+ Best & Aesthetic Notion Wardrobe & Outfit Planner Templates to Elevate Your Style

Discover the top Notion wardrobe templates for streamlining your closet and simplifying your life. From capsule wardrobes to seasonal rotations, these templates will help you curate your perfect wardrobe. Get organized today!
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Giorgia Dalla Valle
February 15, 2024

This article explore the best wardrobe template and planner for Notion.

Have you ever stared at your overflowing closet, struggling to put together the perfect outfit? Well, guess what – there's a stylish solution to your wardrobe woes, and it comes in the form of a wardrobe planner template!

Whether you're planning your looks for the week ahead or curating vacation outfits that'll turn heads, a wardrobe planner template is like having your own virtual stylist.  And guess what? You don’t need to use complicate app or software, when you have Notion.

So, if you're ready to wave goodbye to those "I have nothing to wear" moments and say hello to a more organized and effortlessly chic you, stick around as I curated the best Wardrobe Manager and Outfit Planner template for Notion.

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What is an Outfit Planner?

At its core, an outfit planner is a system that enables users to organize your clothing collection digitally. You can upload photos of their clothing items, categorize them by type, color, season, to create a virtual representation of their wardrobe. This virtual inventory becomes the canvas on which users can experiment, mix, and match different pieces to create stylish and personalized outfits.

Why Should You Use an Outfit Planner?

Before we explore the best wardrobe and outfit planner template for Notion, let's talk a bit about why you should use an outfit planner. There are several benefits, let's explore some of them.

  1. Efficient Time Management: The first benefit is saving time. Staring at your wardrobe to find what to wear, only to realize you don't have anything you actually want to wear, is a huge time-waster. The problem here is often that we don't have a curated wardrobe, and so we lack awareness of what we have and what we lack. When you digitize your wardrobe and start using an outfit planner, you stop wasting time making this decision on a daily basis. Each week, you dedicate 5-10 minutes to decide what you will wear, and you're done for the week. The cool thing is that you don't have to go through your clothes physically, as you can just visualize them on the planner.
  2. Creative Exploration: Maybe you wish your style to be more creative, and you find your usual outfit boring. With an outfit planner, you can experiment with your outfit because it's easier to try clothes combinations on the screen before trying them out
  3. Make the Most of Your Wardrobe: We know the drill; we have 20 t-shirts, and we always go for 2 of them. Outfit planners help combat this by displaying your clothing inventory. You can also keep track of when you last wore a particular item. This way you'll be more motivated to mix and match your clothes and make the most out of your collection!
  4. Reduced Shopping Impulses: Impulsive purchase are the worst for make a conscious wardrobe (and save money.) With an outfit planner, you can avoid this by planning your outfits in advance and identifying any gaps in your wardrobe. This way you don't have to go shopping all the time (waste time and waste money).
  5. Environmental Sustainability: Clothing is probably the worst industry when it comes to Sustainability and environmental issues are becoming increasingly important, especially with the fast-fashion industry producing low-quality items at an unsustainable rate. Creating a sustainable wardrobe is one way to combat this, and an outfit planner can be the perfect ally. When you learn to make the most out of your wardrobe, you play a role in reducing clothing waste. You dress smarter, and the planet thanks you!

Notion Wardrobe & Outfit Planners Templates

Now let’s explore what option Notion Template has to offer.

1. Ultimate Outfit Planner & Wardrobe Manager Notion Template

Ultimate Outfit Planner for Notion
Ultimate Outfit Planner for Notion: Digitalize your Wardrobe
Ultimate Outfit Planner for Notion: Plan your outfit

Introducing the ultimate solution to your wardrobe woes - the Notion Outfit Planner. Say farewell to cluttered closets and welcome a meticulously organized wardrobe that truly resonates with your style. With the Notion Outfit Planner, curating your clothing collection becomes a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly locate your favorite outfits and gain unparalleled clarity on your personal fashion sense.

What's Included:

  • Style Clarity: Embark on a journey to discover and refine your personal style with our step-by-step wardrobe-building guide, comprehensive style profile, and precise body measurements.
  • Optimized Wardrobe: Digitally manage your wardrobe with finesse using the wardrobe manager. Organize garments by categories and breeze through the process of adding new items.
  • Strategic Outfit Planning: Prepare ahead with confidence using the customizable weather widget, innovative outfit planner, and the versatile capsule wardrobe feature.
  • Inspiration Catalog: Immerse yourself in our lookbook feature, a virtual haven for storing your most cherished looks and outfit logs, making ensemble recreation a joy.
  • Refined Wardrobe Management: Keep track of cost per wear, item ratings, last-worn dates, and even devise laundry cycles effortlessly through the laundry bag component.
  • Ready for Travel: Seamlessly strategize travel outfits with the travel outfit planner, ensuring you're well-prepared for every journey.
  • Smart Shopping: Make prudent choices with the smart wishlist, allowing you to prioritize high-ticket items and effectively allocate funds.

Key Features:

  1. Style Discovery: Unearth and nurture your signature style with a comprehensive style guide, profile, and body measurement tools.
  2. Effortless Organization: Navigate your wardrobe with ease using intuitive wardrobe management tools, categorized garment arrangement, and simplified item addition.
  3. Advanced Planning: Take the stress out of outfit selection with real-time weather insights, dynamic outfit planning, and the convenience of capsule wardrobes.

Template Available Here

2. Starter Wardrobe Planner

Starter Wardrobe Planner for Notion

Free wardrobe planner for Notion, the stripped-down version of the Ultimate one, enough to get you started:

What’s Included

  • Wardrobe catalogue: A single place to archive all your clothes, accessories, shoes and more
  • Seasonal wardrobe planner: A tool for planning your capsule wardrobe for each season.


  1. Advanced Planner available to upgrade

Template Available Here

3. Outfit 2.0

 Outfit 2.0 Notion Outfit Planner

Elevate your closet game with this digital template designed to highlight your wardrobe's best hits and revolutionize your outfit planning process. From casual hangs to special occasions, this tool has you covered.

What's Included:

  • Closet Hits Showcase: Shine a spotlight on your closet's star pieces and keep them front and center.
  • Outfit Organization: Easily categorize outfits based on types and occasions for swift retrieval.
  • Comprehensive Wardrobe Overview: Get a bird's-eye view of your entire clothing collection.
  • Outfit Inspiration Tracking: Never let a great outfit idea slip away again.

Key Features:

  1. Highlight Your Style Gems: Showcase your fashion favorites, ensuring they're always at your fashion fingertips.
  2. Effortless Outfit Organization: Categorize outfits based on occasions and types, streamlining your outfit planning process.
  3. 360-Degree Wardrobe Insight: Gain a comprehensive overview of your entire wardrobe, making outfit choices a breeze.

The Ultimate Wardrobe Organizer is more than a template – it's your secret weapon for a stylish, organized closet that perfectly reflects your personal flair. Say goodbye to outfit dilemmas and hello to confident, hassle-free dressing every day!

Template Available Here

4. Outfit Planner

Notion Outfit Planner

Hey there! Tired of the wardrobe chaos? Say hello to your new style savior – the Ultimate Outfit Planner for Notion!

Key Features:

  1. Your Wardrobe Whisperer: Wave goodbye to wardrobe meltdowns! This template sorts your attire chaos into a Zen-like order.
  2. Effortless Outfit Planning: Pre-plan your looks for the entire week like a pro. Mornings just got a whole lot smoother!
  3. Fashion Finesse with Lookbook: Keep your style game strong by curating your own digital lookbook.

Say farewell to wardrobe mayhem and hello to organized chic. If you're ready to take charge of your style game and make your life a breeze, grab this template now. Your perfectly planned outfits are just a click away! 🌟

Template Available Here

5. The Wardrobe Knowledge Bank Notion Template

This template is your ultimate style brain, designed to redefine how you manage your style journey. No more battling outdated apps, juggling notes, or wishing for a more streamlined approach.

What's Included:

  • Style Profile: Uncover and articulate your unique personal style.
  • Wardrobe Tracker: A versatile inventory and outfit tracker in one, keeping your closet organized.
  • Shopping: Visual, sortable wishlist, purchase tracking, and tailored shopping goal templates.
  • Seasonal Assessments: Never hit a style rut with regular style check-ins using provided templates.
  • Outfit Logging: Seamlessly log outfits and plan your weekly ensembles with dedicated templates.
  • Packing Lists: Prepare for travels effortlessly with a customizable, comprehensive packing template.
  • Worksheets and Reading: Dive deeper into your style journey with relevant worksheets and a curated book library.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Style Definition: Craft and refine your personal style definition, setting the foundation for confident choices.
  2. Efficient Inventory and Outfit Tracking: Keep tabs on your closet's contents and curate outfits effortlessly.
  3. Smart Shopping Strategies: Organize your desires, track purchases, and meet shopping goals using intuitive templates.

Template Available Here

6. Capsule Wardrobe Template

Capsule Wardrobe Template Notion

Capsule Wardrobe Template

A Capsule Wardrobe Planner on our list. Use this to unleash the potential of your wardrobe with this dynamic Notion dashboard, designed to streamline the process of organizing, constructing, and curating your ideal closet.

What's Included:

  • Wardrobe Organization Database: A comprehensive hub for cataloging your clothing items, making finding the perfect piece a breeze.
  • Capsule Wardrobe Builder: Effortlessly create versatile and stylish capsules that are the backbone of an efficient closet.
  • Wardrobe Management Tool: Simplify the ongoing process of keeping your closet organized and functional.
  • Outfit Planner Tool: Mix and match your pieces effortlessly to craft stylish ensembles with ease.

Key Features:

  1. Effortless Wardrobe Building: Seamlessly curate versatile capsules and unlock the potential of your clothing collection.
  2. Smart Closet Management: Stay organized with an intuitive system for tracking, planning, and budgeting.
  3. Visionary Styling Tools: Set goals, visualize your aspirations, and refine your style journey with creative features.

Template Available Here

7. Outfit Hub

Outfit Hub Notion Template

Designed by Notion Creator Pascio, the Outfit Hub, is an all-ine one template to organize your wardrobe. This user-friendly 1-page template is a good solution for streamlining your wardrobe and effortlessly planning your outfits, all in one digital space.

What's Included:

  • Weekly Outfit Planner
  • Wardrobe & Inspiration Database
  • Guides on rescuing shrunk clothes and bidding farewell to stains


  1. Organize Your Wardrobe: Sort your clothes and outfit inspirations by color, style, and season, banishing the chaos for good.
  2. Effortlessly Sort Outfits: Find any outfit easily by color, style, or season, giving your mornings a smoother start.
  3. Plan Your Week Ahead: Say hello to more time and a week planned out with the convenient Weekly Outfit Planner.

Template Available Here

Wrapping Up

So, to wrap up this article, there are plenty of benefits to digitize and plan your outfit in advance. And if I was able to persuade you need to start planning your outfit to make the most of your wardrobe, the next step is to choose a comprehensive outfit planner for Notion and start saving time while elevating your style.

Happy Planning!