12+ Notion Meal Planner Templates (Food Diary, Recipes, and Meal Tracker)

Discover the best Notion meal planner, food diary, recipes, and meal tracker template. There is no doubt that planning your meal in advance or Notion will save you a lot of time and stress, and if you follow a specific diet, you can also track your meal.
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July 15, 2024

Are you tired of staring blankly into your fridge, wondering what magical dish you can conjure up with the random ingredients inside? Or perhaps you're tired of the age-old question, "What's for dinner?" echoing through your home like a broken record? Well, have no fear, because we've got the ultimate solution that will turn your mealtime woes into a thing of the past – a meal planner.

There is not doubt that planning your meal in advance  for Notion will save you a lot of time and stress, and if you follow a specific diet, you can also track your meal. Whether you're a seasoned chef, a busy parent, or just someone looking to spice up their cooking routine, a meal planner can take you a long way.

If you're looking for a way to plan meals efficiently, keep reading. I've curated the best meal planner templates for Notion, so you don't have to scan the web yourself.

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Weekly Meal Planner inside the Ultimate Life Planner

 Weekly Meal Planner Notion Template + Ultimate Life Planner

If you are looking for a comprehensive system to manage your recipes, ingredients, grocery list, and weekly meal planner all in one dashboard, look no further. Integrated with our Ultimate Life Planner, you can streamline and organize all your cooking needs with the features of this template. Whether you're a culinary pro or just getting started, this template's got your back. Let's dive into what's in store:

What's Included:

  • Custom Recipes Book: Cook up a storm by adding all your favorite recipes. Categorize them for easy access, jot down instructions, and let it automatically tally up the cook time. Perfect for seamless planning.
  • Meal Planner: Keep your weekly and monthly meals in check with our user-friendly planner. Adding meals from your recipes book is as easy as a click. And if you haven't added any meals yet, no worries – it'll remind you gently.
  • Ingredients Database: We know ingredients are the heart of your dishes. That's why we've got a dedicated database. Plus, it plays nice with your recipes book, making the whole process smooth sailing.
  • Grocery List: Forget those scattered scribbles – our simple grocery list is your new sidekick. Grab it and go, ensuring you never miss a beat while shopping.


  1. Designed by Notion Avenue
  2. Simple and intuitive

Template Available Here

The Happy Kitchen - Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System

The Happy Kitchen - Meal Planning & Dynamic Grocery List System

Happy Kitchen is a fully integrated and dynamic system for managing meal planning and grocery shopping. It is extremely simple and easy to use – just a few clicks to plan and you’re done. Stop making shopping lists manually over and over again. Thank to this template you can make mealtime exciting again with almost no effort at all.

What’s Included

  • Automated Grocery Lists: Never worry about creating grocery lists manually again – our system generates them for you.
  • Smart Ingredient Integration: Planned meals automatically update your grocery list with missing ingredients.
  • Pre-built Grocery Items: Save time with 200 pre-populated grocery items.
  • Customizable Ingredient Quantities: Adjust recipe quantities to auto-update your shopping list.


  1. Sleek light mode
  2. Cool featured cover

Template Available Here

The Happy Kitchen Plus

The Happy Kitchen PLUS includes all of the features from the previous template on our list, but has been adapted with more advanced features for the expert Notioner.

The PLUS version exists as an option if The Happy Kitchen original version doesn't have all the features to meet your advanced needs.

Note that both template have a lot advanced features and some user may find it too complicate to use, if that’s the case just check out a more simple system.

Template Available Here

Simple Meal Planner 2.0

Simple Meal Planner for Notion

Sometimes, simplicity is better. If you're looking for a simpler system, consider the Simple Meal Planner 2.0.

What’s Included

  • Weekly View: Quickly arrange meal. Drag and drop and you’re done.
  • Meal database:  The meal database allow not only to organize your meal by category but also to link ingredient to shopping list.
  • Integrated Shopping List
  • Resources Database:


  1. Green Aesthetic

Template Available Here

Meal Planner Template

Searching for a reliable meal planning tool? Meet The Ultimate Meal Planner – your all-in-one kitchen companion. Here's what it brings to the table:

What's Included:

  • Recipe Vault: Get creative with your meals using a variety of recipes. It's a hub for inspired meal planning and smarter grocery shopping.
  • Customization Options: Tailor your meal plans to match your preferences. No fuss, just planning that suits you.
  • Grocery List Helper: No more forgotten ingredients. This feature crafts shopping lists based on your chosen recipes.
  • Meal Prep Manager: Stay ahead with meal prep. Organize your meals in advance and wave goodbye to last-minute chaos.
  • Ingredient Library: Keep track of pantry essentials and find what you need for your dishes.
  • Grocery Expense Monitor: Keep your grocery budget in check with this expense tracker.

Template Available Here

Meal Planner Notion Template

I find this template very attractive, with a pleasing anime/Studio Ghibli theme. If you are an Otaku, this may be the meal planner for you.

What's Included:

  • Weekly Meal Planning: Effortlessly organize your meals on a weekly basis, ensuring a well-structured culinary routine.
  • Dynamic Recipe Manager: Take control of your recipes with a powerful manager that centralizes all your cooking instructions.
  • Automated Shopping List: Experience the convenience of a template that interconnects your actions. Modify a property and witness your shopping list update in real time.

Key Features:

  1. Simple: Embrace the efficiency of a template that's designed to work in harmony. Every component is thoughtfully synchronized for a seamless user experience.
  2. Efficient : Plan your weekly meals without hassle, fostering a more organized and enjoyable cooking routine.

Template Available Here

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Free Meal Planning Template for Notion

The previous system are all amazing, but you can also find some good template for free. Here a curated list of some of the best free meal planning template for Notion.

Marie Poulin Meal Planning

Marie Poulin is a Notion expert, ambassador, and certified consultant. If you're concerned about using templates as an inexperienced user, worry no more.

You can check out the video guide here.

What’s Included

  • Recipe Repository: Store your favorite recipes in one accessible place for easy reference.
  • Meal Plans: Plan your weekly meals effortlessly by leveraging your stored recipes.
  • Smart Grocery List: Craft your grocery list based on your chosen weekly meal plans.
  • Comprehensive Databases: Benefit from three integrated databases that seamlessly work together.
  • Meal Planning Tips: Get insights into effective meal planning strategies and food storage recommendations.

Template Available Here

Meal Planner by Hugh

This template allows you to bring all your recipes into a centralized system and structure your diet by planning meals. This way, you can shop once and spend more time enjoying the process of cooking.

The included recipe database template ensures that all your recipes have a consistent look. You can also organize your upcoming recipes for the week by dragging and dropping them in the board view.

Bonus point! You can share recipes with family, roommates, or friends and cook together.

What’s Included

  • Recipes: A database to store all your recipes, adding images, instruction and sort them by category or type:
  • Ingredients Connected to the recipes you have your ingredient database.
  • Shopping List

Template Available Here

Recipes, shopping list and meal plan

This template has a mission: to eliminate the pain of not knowing what to buy, forgetting a key ingredient (we all know that feeling), and avoiding the loss of your shopping list written on a piece of paper.

With this template, you can make grocery shopping and meal preparation less challenging and more enjoyable.

Template Available Here

Aesthetic Meal Planner

There aren't many aesthetically pleasing meal planner templates for Notion out there, so when I came across this one, I knew I needed to add it to my list. It's simple and has a cute yellow anime look that makes it even more appealing. The template includes various sections and categories to streamline the meal planning process.  And the template is free.

  1. Weekly view
  2. Grocery list
  3. Cookbook
  4. Ingredient list

Template Available Here

The Anime Kitchen

A weekly meal planner with an aesthetic Studio Ghibli and anime theme.

What’s Included

  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Food Recipe
  • Drink Recipe
  • Ai Cooking Idea
  • Cooking Video Compilation

Template Available Here

Ai Meal Planner in Notion

Meal planning is all about saving time, making the most of what you purchase, and streamlining meal preparation. With this goal in mind, it's no wonder that introducing AI to the game can be life-changing. While AI meal planner tools and apps are starting to pop up, Notion is not behind the game. With its AI features, you can meal plan with more efficiency too.

Weekly Meal Prep with Notion Ai

This template was designed by the Notion team and includes an AI block that can streamline meal prep. Simply add the ingredients you have in stock, and click "Generate" to create a personalized meal plan for you.

Template Available Here

The Benefit of Meal Planning

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, finding time to cook healthy and delicious meals can sometimes feel like a daunting task. This is where the beauty of meal planning comes into play, offering a range of advantages that can transform your relationship with food and cooking. There are plenty of studies to prove it.

  1. Structure kitchen routine:No more frantic searches through the fridge and pantry for dinner inspiration. With a well-thought-out plan, you'll know exactly what's on the menu each day, giving you a sense of direction and saving you precious time.
  2. Mindful food choices: When you plan your meals ahead of time, you can curate a balanced and nutritious menu that aligns with your health goals. This proactive approach to eating ensures that you're not making impulsive decisions when hunger strikes, steering you away from less-than-healthy options.
  3. Streamlined grocery list: Armed with a comprehensive list of ingredients for the week, you'll breeze through the supermarket aisles with purpose. This not only saves you money by preventing impulse purchases but also reduces food waste, as you'll be buying only what you need.
  4. Save time: In our fast-paced lives, time is a precious commodity. By dedicating a bit of time each week to plan your meals, you'll gain back hours that would otherwise be spent pondering over dinner choices or preparing meals on the spot.
  5. Less food waste. By using up ingredients before they go bad, you contribute to reducing food waste and your carbon footprint. This small change in your routine can have a big impact on the environment.

What’s about meal prepping?

If you're entering the world of meal planning, you've likely heard about meal prepping and its benefits. A well-designed Notion template can make this habit easier and visually appealing, particularly if you choose an aesthetic template.

Wrapping Up

So wrapping up, if you are thinking about how to make your cooking life smoother and healthier, meal planning might just be the magic trick! These Notion meal planner templates have your back, covering everything from grocery lists to keeping tabs on your meals. Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or just trying to juggle family life, these templates are like your personal kitchen assistants. So go ahead, choose the template that vibes with you, get those meals planned out, and get ready to enjoy all the perks that come with smart meal planning!

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