The Best Notion Templates for Productivity Revealed (Jan 2024)

Discover the best Notion templates for personal productivity! From all-in-one productivity systems to student planners and project management templates, these free templates will help you stay organized and focused. Boost your productivity with Notion today!
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July 15, 2024

Explore the best Notion Templates for Productivity

Productivity is about achieving more with less: less time, less stress, less effort. To streamline your life and become more organized and productive, it's important to choose the right tool and system.

When it comes to managing multiple projects, tasks, and goals, I have found no better app than Notion. While it may seem overwhelming at first, I have turned Notion into my command center where I keep everything organized and easily accessible.

Some argue that Notion lacks certain features for optimal productivity, but I strongly disagree. For personal productivity, there is no app better than Notion for several reasons.

First, Notion is an all-in-one system, allowing you to replace most of the productivity apps you currently use. Need a calendar? Use Notion. Task management? Use Notion. Knowledge management? Use Notion. Journaling? Use Notion. Finance tracker? Use Notion.

The convenience of not having to switch between multiple apps is life-changing. Additionally, Notion is highly customizable, allowing you to implement any kind of system. It also has a built-in AI and offers pre-built templates that cover most of your productivity needs. So, if you're ready to take control of your life, don't just take my word for it – give Notion a try and never look back.

In this article, I have handpicked the best premium and free Notion templates for personal productivity, covering various areas of your life that you want to improve.

Let's dive in.

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Best Notion Template for Personal Productivity

I've curated the best premium Notion Template for personal productivity. Premium templates offer a comprehensive system designed to take care of every need for specific productivity needs, from project management to habit tracking.

All-in-One Template for Productivity

All-in-One Template for Productivity for Notion

Ultimate Productivity System for Notion

The All-in-One Productivity System for Notion is designed to streamline your workflow, track your goals, projects, and tasks, and help you get more done with less stress.

Template Available Here

Best Project Management Template

Check  all Project Management templates for Notion

Mint OS

MintOS is the ultimate project management tool for small businesses and freelancers. It streamlines workflows, manages clients and projects efficiently, and improves communication with your team.

Template Available Here

Best Agile Template for Notion

Check all Agile & Scrum Template for Notion


Verve is an Agile project management template for Notion that will increase your productivity in no time.

Template Available Here

Planners Template for Notion

Best Planner Templates for Notion

Ultimate Life Planner

Organize your mind and life in one place. Feel as if your life is all over the place? The Ultimate Life Planner will help you organize your mind, streamline your life and achieve your goals.

Template Available Here

ADHD Template for Notion

Check all ADHD Templates for Notion

ADHD Focus Planner

Overwhelmed no more. Unlock your full potential with ADHD Focus Planner. Take the driver's seat of your life with the ADHD-friendly planner. No more scattered thoughts or missed appointments - take control of your life now.

Template Available Here

Habit Tracker template for Notion

Check all Habit Tracker Template for Notion

Ultimate Habit Tracker Dashboard

My favorite Habit Dashboard. Create life-changinghabits and stick to them is easier thatn even with this template.

Template Available Here

Reading Template

Check all Reading Template and Book Tracker here

Ultimate Reading Tracker

Celebrate your passion for reading, and read more with the Ultimate Reading Tracker, designed for book-lover and indivisual that want to read more, the template is easy to use and straighforward.

Template Available Here

Outfit Planner & Wardrobe Manager

Check all Outfit Planner and Wardrobe Manager Templates for Notion

Ultimate Outfit Planner

Time to say goodbye to cluttered closets and hello to a sleek and organized wardrobe that you'll love. With the Ultimate Outfit Planner, you can now digitally catalog all of your clothing items, making it easier than ever to find your favorite outfits and get clarity on your personal style. Make the most out your wardrobe now.

Template Available Here

Task Manager Template for Notion

Check all Task Manager template for Notion

Task Architect for Notion

Task Architect is an unparalleled task system designed around the Eisenhower Matrix to help you organize and manage your taskso you can stop procrastinating once for all.

Template Available Here

Social Media Planner for Notion

Check all Social Media Planner for Notion

Ultimate Social Media Planner

Grow your audience faster. The all-in-one Social Media Planner that allows you to develop, plan, and execute a winning social media strategy across any platform you want to grow on.

Template Available Here

Finance Tracker for Notion

Check all finance tracker, expenses tracker template for Notion

Ultimate Finance Tracker

Bringing Your Financial Goals to Life. With Ultimate Notion Finance Tracker, you can save money and optimize your budget. Organize and analyze your cash flow, so you can see the big picture of your finances and make better financial decisions.

Template Available Here

Goal Tracker Template for Notion

Check all Goal Tracker Template for Notion.

The Ultimate Goals Dashboard for Notion

The Ultimate Goals & OKR Dashboard for Notion is designed to help you map out and confidently achieve your goals, no matter how big they are. It breaks them down into an actionable system.

Template Available Here

Second Brain Templates for Notion

Check all Second Brain Template

The Ultimate Second-Brain Notion

Are you tired of using multiple apps to manage your information? Do you want to stop forgetting things? Ultimate Brain allows you to collect and organize everything within Notion, making it a comprehensive all-in-one workspace.

Template Available Here

Para Template for Notion

Check all Para template for Notion - In progress

Ultimate PARA System Template

Template Available Here

Best Free Notion Templates for Personal Productivity

Not ready to invest money in a premium template? Start with a free template with basic features to discover if Notion is the right productivity tool for you.

Check out the 99+ Best Free Notion Template curated by Notion Avenue here.

Free Eisenhower Matrix for Notion

Explore all Eisenhower Matrix Template for Notion Here.

Template Available Here

Free Time Tracker for Notion

Template Available Here

Free Task Manager for Notion

Template Available Here

Free Goal Tracker for Notion

Template Available Here

Free Habit Tracker for Notion

Template Available Here

Free Project Manager for Notion

Template Available Here

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planner for Notion

Template Available Here

Free Book Tracker for Notion

Template Available Here

Free Expenses Tracker for Notion

Template Available Here

Free PARA Template for Notion

Template Available Here

Is Notion Good for Productivity?

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Notion is hands down one of the best apps for productivity, if not the best. It has been chosen by some of the most innovative startups and high-achievers. Here are five reasons why Notion is great for personal productivity:

  1. Everything in One Place: Notion is like a digital Swiss Army knife for your life. You can keep your to-do lists, notes, calendars, and even project plans all in one app. No more switching between different tools!
  2. Customizable and Flexible: Notion is like a digital playground where you can create your own productivity paradise. You can design your workspace to fit your unique needs. Add tables, boards, calendars, and more to suit your style.
  3. Collaboration Made Easy: Need to work with others? Notion makes teamwork a breeze. You can share your pages with colleagues, friends, or family, and everyone can edit and comment in real-time. It's like having a virtual team HQ.
  4. Cross-Platform Magic: Whether you're on your computer, tablet, or phone, Notion has you covered. It syncs seamlessly across devices, so you can stay productive wherever you are. No more losing track of important stuff.
  5. Endless Possibilities: Notion isn't just for work stuff. You can use it to track your fitness goals, plan vacations, journal your thoughts, or even organize your recipe collection. It's like a digital toolbox for your life.

How I Use Notion to Be More Productive

I often come across posts on forums and communities where users doubt whether people actually use Notion for personal productivity. While there is definitely a more aesthetic aspect to Notion, and I believe for some people it can be more of a distraction than a productive tool, it highly depends on how you use it.

That's always weird to me, as Notion is basically my second brain, and I use it for all things related to productivity and organization in my personal and professional life.

I think it can be useful if I share with you how I actually use Notion to be more productive, so you can maybe get some inspiration!

Task & Project Manager

One of the main ways I use Notion is for organizing all my projects and tasks in one place. My personal system is a bit different from my Ultimate Productivity System that I sell, as it is tailored to my unique needs as a solopreneur.

The system is pretty straightforward. I have a project manager connected to a task manager. The task manager is the heart of my productivity system, as I use it daily to know exactly what I need to do on a certain date.

I plan my week on Sunday, covering the entire week. This way, during the week, I don't spend any time thinking about what I need to do, as I've already made those decisions.

I have a weekly calendar view, which is better than the monthly view for just getting things done. In the morning, I look at it and check tasks off as I complete them. I'm currently pretty good at estimating how long a task will take, so this ensures that I'm able to complete tasks as planned. If I need to reschedule something, I simply drag and drop the task in the calendar view.

Goal Tracker

I also use Notion to track my goals. I have a simple template with a deadline and the metrics I want to track. I update them on a weekly basis during my weekly review.


Bookmark tracking is a big one for me, as before Notion, I didn't have a good system to sort and store them. I tried several bookmark managers alongside Chrome Bookmarks, but no tool felt as good as Notion. I have a bookmark database and a collection database that I use to organize bookmarks into collections. Currently, my most used collections are Design, Tools, Website Prospects, AI, and Marketing. I use the "Save to Notion" extension to save anything from the web directly to my bookmarks and sort them by adding a collection. It's super efficient for me. If I'm on mobile, I simply share with Notion and later add a collection to the bookmark.

Finance Tracking

I use Notion to track my business profit, expenses, and other financial information. It basically replaces a lot of Google Sheets with one tool.

Business Management

Everything related to my business, digital products, and personal brand is stored in Notion. I keep all the documents and links I need to remember, from keyword research to planning and writing captions for Instagram, in Notion.

Actually, these are just some of the ways I use Notion. I’ve included the most relevant ones for personal productivity.

Wrapping Up

Wrapping, the journey to personal productivity has never been more exciting than with Notion by your side. As we wrap up our exploration of the best Notion templates for personal productivity, it's clear that this versatile platform has the power to transform the way you organize, plan, and conquer your goals.

We've witnessed how Notion's all-in-one capabilities can consolidate your digital life, eliminating the need for a myriad of apps and bringing everything under one roof. The level of customization and adaptability it offers ensures that your Notion workspace is uniquely tailored to your needs, whether you're a creative artist, a data-driven analyst, or anything in between.

As I see productivity is not just about doing more; it's about doing what matters most. With the right tools and systems in place, you can reclaim your time, reduce stress, and achieve your dreams. So, here's to your newfound productivity journey with Notion – may it be as fulfilling and successful as you've imagined!

Until next time, keep organizing, keep achieving, and keep thriving!

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