Is Notion Good for Students?

Is Notion Good for Students? Is it worth the hype? In this article, we're going to discover that.
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July 15, 2024

Is Notion Good for Students? Is it worth the hype? In this article we're going to discover that.

Back when I was in school, attempting to keep everything organized was a mess. Schoolwork, chores, and various tasks would pile up, leaving me in a constant state of stress. Assignments were forgotten, notes misplaced – it was a daily struggle. Back in the day, I wished there was a tool like Notion to come to my rescue. Yeah, I’m a millennial. I started using the Internet for school when I was seventeen. Considering that I'm now kind of Notion-dependent (in a good way), if I get back in school, I would 100% use it.

While I can't claim it's a magical fix, having Notion back in my school days would have made a significant difference. It's a tool that can make your day a bit smoother, helping you stay on top of things. If you're currently struggling to stay organized with your academic tasks, juggling school and personal life, I highly recommend giving Notion a try – it might just be the missing piece to make your school days more manageable.

In this article, I’m going to take a look at why Notion is good for students by giving you an overview of how you can use it and how students all over the world currently use it to become A+.

So to understand if Notion is good for students, first, we need to talk about what usually students struggle with and what challenges they face daily.

Understanding Student Productivity Challenges:

Assignment Tracking:

Students often struggle with keeping track of assignments, deadlines, and project timelines. Managing multiple subjects or courses simultaneously can lead to confusion, causing students to miss deadlines or submit incomplete work. This challenge can significantly impact their grades and overall academic performance.

How Notion can Help: You can visually track your assignments, link them to the course, add deadlines, and track progress directly in Notion.


Effective note-taking is a crucial skill, but many students find it challenging to condense and organize information during lectures. Inadequate notes can result in difficulties in understanding and retaining key concepts, affecting their ability to excel in exams and assignments.

How Notion can Help: Replace loose paper or files that get lost on your desktop with a centralized digital notebook. That makes it easy to find your notes, store them, and retrieve them, and you can even share your notes with your classmates.

Time Management:

Balancing academic responsibilities with extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and personal life is a common challenge for students. Poor time management can lead to procrastination, last-minute cramming, and increased stress levels. This not only affects academic performance but also contributes to a decline in overall well-being.

How Notion Can Help: With Notion, you can plan both your school and personal responsibilities in one place. Creating a daily to-do list and linking the notes you need to study, to tracking the book you need to read, is a lifesaver for students.

But how exactly can Notion improve and make your study life easier? Keep reading!

How Notion Improves Student Productivity

With Notion, you can establish a system that ensures you never miss a deadline, keeps track of your assignments, stores your notes, and helps you manage your time effectively. However, there are additional Notion features that can further enhance your productivity.

Build Your Centralized Academic Hub

Notion can serve as a centralized hub for all academic-related information. Students can create dedicated spaces for each course, storing lecture notes, assignment details, and important resources in one place. This reduces the time spent searching for scattered information and promotes a more organized approach to studies, making your role as a student easier and more streamlined.

Customizable Workflows

The flexibility of Notion allows students to tailor the platform to their specific needs. Whether you prefer a minimalist layout or a comprehensive structure, Notion adapts to individual preferences. You can also build pre-made templates to quickly populate common data that you need, such as note-taking templates or exams you need to take.

Flashcards and Active Recall

Many are unaware that with a bit of database and formula magic, you can create flashcards directly in Notion and build a spaced repetition system, similar to apps like Anki. Because it's built directly into Notion, you reduce the friction of changing apps and systems.

Study Session Tracking

If you are serious about studying, you probably have study sessions. With Notion, you can track how many hours per week you spend studying. This is possible with some simple automation where you can log in when you start to study, mark your pauses, and even add what you are studying by linking directly to flashcards or notes from your hub.

Collaborative Work

Notion is more than just an app; it has easy sharing features that allow you to work easily on group projects, keep your study group on the same page (literally), and share your notes with your classmates. You can also make your page available online, like a blog or a website.

Notion Benefits for College Students:

Notion excels in helping college students organize intricate schedules. Its calendar integration, task management features, and customizable databases enable students to stay on top of classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities.

Notion Benefits for High School Students:

  • Organizing Assignments: Notion helps high school students in tracking assignments and due dates. Its task management features and calendar integration provide a comprehensive view of upcoming tasks.
  • Creating Study Plans: High school students can utilize Notion to create study plans. The platform's flexibility allows for the incorporation of study goals, resources, and progress tracking.
  • Managing Extracurricular Activities: Notion supports the organization of extracurricular activities. Students can create databases for club meetings, sports events, or community service, ensuring they don't miss out on any commitments.

Notion Benefits for University Students:

  • Handling Diverse Coursework: Notion's customizable databases and note-taking capabilities are beneficial for organizing diverse coursework. Students can create comprehensive notes, task lists, and project outlines within a single platform.
  • Research Projects: Notion's flexibility is advantageous for managing research projects at the university level. Students can create databases for literature reviews, research notes, and project milestones.
  • Group Collaborations: Notion facilitates effective group collaborations. University students can create shared workspaces, collaborative documents, and task boards for seamless teamwork on projects and assignments

Customizable Notion Templates for Students

Explore the Best Notion Templates for Student here.

Students who use Notion love to build their own aesthetic and custom templates. If you need inspiration or you want to get a head start, here are some free and premium templates you can check out:

Light Academia School Life Dashboard

Template Available Here

Notion Student Dashboard (Minimalist Student Dashboard)

Template Available Here

Real-Life Stories of Notion's Impact on Student Life

How Unjaded Jade Uses Notion for Academic Success

Watch the full success story  Link to Video

"I love Notion; I've been using it for most of my university life now, and I'm going into my final year next year. I genuinely cannot imagine my life without it. It's this incredible planning tool and organization system where it basically gives you building blocks to customize it in any way that is useful for your life. Everything from to-do lists to habit trackers, tracking all your courses, making class notes, writing down any inspiration that you have, and keeping track of stuff. It's just everything that you could ever want."

How Matty from Cajun Koi Academy Uses Notion to Study

Watch the full success story Link to Video

"I'm not kidding when I say I use Notion every single day. It's the first thing I open when I get to my desk and by far my favorite and most used app for studying."

Tips & Strategies for Maximizing Notion's Effectiveness for Students:

Master the Basics:

Before diving into advanced features, make sure you get Notion's basic functionalities. Familiarize yourself with creating pages, databases, and simple tasks and to-do lists at the beginning.

Personalize Your Workspace:

Explore the best Aesthetic Notion Templates for Students

Part of the beauty of Notion is the ability to customize your workspace to suit your preferences. Utilize color-coded tags, icons, colored text, and dividers, or grab a premium template. If you are eager to get that aesthetic look everybody is flaunting, check my guide on How to Make Notion Aesthetic. Creating a workspace that resonates with your aesthetic and workflow will 100% improve your dedication to keeping your workspace organized.

Use Templates:

You can build your dream template from scratch, or leverage pre-made templates to save time and ensure consistency in structuring your information. Starting with a premium template is also a good way to improve your Notion skills, and you can always customize it to fit your needs, adding or removing sections as you need.

Organize with Databases:

You can use Notion without databases, but databases are the game-changer for most. Don't be intimidated, and implement the power of databases to organize information systematically. Whether it's class notes, research materials, or project details, databases allow for structured and easily navigable content. Experiment with different database views like a gallery or table to find what works best for you. For example, the list view is good for a to-do or task manager, while the gallery is good for displaying visual information, Kanban is useful for projects, and the timeline view is for staying on top of your deadlines.

Implement a Knowledge Management Method:

For note-taking and knowledge management, consider implementing a knowledge management method like Zettelkasten, Para, or Second brain. Break down complex topics into interconnected notes. Use backlinks and relational databases to create a knowledge network within Notion. With Notion AI, it's even easier to navigate between pages and find information quickly.

Integrate with External Tools:

You can extend and maximize Notion's effectiveness by integrating it with external tools and apps. You can add your Google Calendar, add integrations, and apps to add charts, widgets, and more.

Practice Regular Maintenance:

Keep your Notion workspace tidy by regularly reviewing and organizing your content. Archive or delete outdated information, and refine your organizational structure as needed. Regular maintenance ensures that Notion remains a streamlined and efficient tool. It can be helpful to set a weekly review to review your tasks for the upcoming week and use that session to also declutter and update your workspace.

I’m pretty confident that by combining these strategies and taking the time to learn Notion, students can unlock the full potential of the app, transforming it into a powerful tool for organization, collaboration, and productivity throughout their academic journey.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Notion Free for Students?

Yes Notion is 100% free to use for students. And they can also benefit from the education plan to get more features without paying for the Premium Plan.

Is Notion Good for Medical School?

Yes! There are plenty of success story of student using Notion to make the most out their time, improve their grade and stay more organized.

Template Available Here

Wrapping Up

Notion stands as a game-changer for student productivity, as demonstrated by real-life success stories. I truly believe is not only worth the hype, but that to its customizable templates, database organization, and integrated knowledge management, students can tailor Notion to their needs and use it so their academic life is easier and less challenging. 

Happy studying!

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