Is Notion Free? And For Student? Answer 2024

Discover whether Notion is free for personal use and students, and explore the features and limitations of the free plan. Learn how to upgrade to a paid plan, and find out if Notion templates and AI are free. Get answers to all your Notion questions in this comprehensive guide.
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Giorgia Dalla Valle
February 26, 2024

So, have you heard of Notion? It's this all-in-one productivity tool that's been blowing up lately. It's a workspace that lets you organize your life, work, and everything in between. But what really makes Notion stand out is how easy it is to use - it's like having a friendly helper by your side. Unlike other productivity tools out there, Notion is approachable, intuitive, and actually designed to meet our needs. No wonder so many people are jumping on the Notion bandwagon.

Is Notion Free?

Yes. Notion is 100% free to use for personal use for everybody, not only students. You don’t need to pay a single dime to have a Notion plan. The free Notion plan has no significant limitations that normal users will need or feel the need to add. While power users, companies, and teams might need a paid plan (that adds sharing and team features, mostly), most will be perfectly fine with the Notion Free Plan.

Notion Free Plan and Limitations

With a free plan, you can do everything with Notion. You can create unlimited pages and block, duplicate templates, invite guests, and integrate with party software like


  • Unlimited blocks for individuals
  • Limited block trial for teams member (1000 block limits)
  • Unlimited file upload (5MB max each)
  • Collaborative workspace
  • Integrate with third-party tools
  • Basic page analytics to track how many visits you get to your shared pages
  • Invite up to 10 guests to collaborate with you
  • 7-day page history
Comparison of the features of the Free and Plus Plan for Notion.

Notion File Upload Limitation

On personal use, the only limitation is a 5mb file size. That means that you can upload unlimited files, but each file cannot be greater in size than 5mb.

Free Plan had maximum size per is 5MB for each upload. Paid Plan 5GB

Is it worth upgrading Notion to a Plus Plan?

While Notion Free has everything you need, you should consider upgrading to the Plus plan (for personal usage, there is no reason to go beyond the plus plan) if you need to upload a single file that weighs more than 5mb, if you need the 30-day page history, or if you want to collaborate with a small team. The price for the Plus plan is $8 per user if you pay yearly and $10 if you pay monthly.

Is the free version of Notion good enough?

Yes, and yes again. The Free Notion Plan is good enough and will cover every personal user's needs, and even more considering that even with a free plan, you can invite guests and share your templates for collaborative working. So whether you plan to use Notion as your digital brain, to organize your life and work, as a note-taking app, to organize your life, or academic life, track your finances, create social media content, keep a reading list, or to organize your small business or freelancer work, you’ll find not only that Notion is one of the most comprehensive apps available now, but that it is also free to use. I myself am a power user and have a personal plan with an Additional AI Plan, and I never felt the need to upgrade it.

Is Notion Free for Students Forever?

Notion has an "upgraded" Free Plan for Student and teachers.

As Notion is free for everybody, you are free to have any use for Notion Plan. You may have heard about the discount that Notion offers for education, that offers a Free Education for students or educators that sign up with a school email. The difference between Notion Education and Notion Personal plan is Notion Education can upload files bigger than 5mb (the only true limitation for personal usage of Notion Free, and a 30-day history, instead of the 7 days of the free plan.

To know if you are eligible for an Education plan, you need two requirements.

  • You need to be a student or an educator in an accredited college or university.
  • You need to have a school email address.

If I choose a Student Plan, what happens when I graduate?

As long as it’s associated with a university email, you can keep using your free student plan for as long as you want.

Will Notion Be Free Forever?

While it is impossible to reply to this answer with total certainty, we can say that it is highly probable and highly improbable that Notion will shut down its Free plan. Consider that Notion revenue is mostly based on team and company, and that those plans are paid, I think we can be safe to say that it will remain free forever, while some features may be added or further tailored to address all users, both personal and company needs.

Why do I have a block limit if I should have unlimited blocks?

While in the past Notion had a 1000 block limit for the free plan, that is a long-gone limitation that free users don’t need to worry about keeping their workspace at a minimum. If you are getting the block limit error, it is because you signed up for a Team Plan Trial. These trials are free and can cause some confusion. I have different customers of my Notion Template, convinced to be in a Free Plan, and instead, they were signed up for a Trial plan for free, and so they were having the 1000 block limit. If you find yourself in this situation, you can simply create a free plan and move your data over by duplicating them.

Is Notion AI Free?

Notion introduced Notion Ai in 2023.

No, Notion AI, the built-in AI tool, is not free to use. While it has 50 free prompts (commands you can give) you can use to try the feature yourself and see if Notion AI works for you, you need to pay for a Notion AI Plan.

Notion AI is considered an optional add-on. To power up your workspace with AI, you need to pay $8 if you have a Paid Plan active and $10 if you have a Free Plan.

Are Notion Templates Free?

If you are starting on Notion, and we have clarified that it is indeed free to use. But what about templates? Templates are already built pages that you can duplicate into your worn workspace, customize, share, and even sell for profit.

So are Notion templates free? It depends. Notion itself offers a variety of free templates on their Template Gallery, and it is also easy to add their free templates when creating a new page.

When it comes to templates created by the community, those templates can be both free or paid. Usually, you can find basic, one-page, and simple templates for free, and more comprehensive and premium templates priced in a range that can go from $5 to $129 for templates from more famous creators. Our Notion Premium Template ranged from $15 to $49, with purchase power parity (get a discount based on your location) and we also offer a gallery of curated free templates that you can download to start your Notion Journey for free.


Notion is an awesome tool for personal productivity and organizing, as well as a knowledge database. Students with a valid school email can also subscribe to an Education Plan for free. There are tons of free templates you can add to your Notion space, and some premium template that can elevate your workspace.