5 Best Countdown Widgets for Notion (2024)

Explore the best & free countdown widgets for Notion.
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Giorgia Dalla Valle
April 19, 2024

Explore the best Countdown Widget for Notion

Widgets are a great way to add visual interest and functionality to Notion. Not only can they make your Notion more aesthetic, but they can also increase what you can do in Notion without the need to leave the app. In this article, I'm going to explore the best countdown widgets for Notion.

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Best Countdown Widget for Notion

Indify Countdown Widget

Free? Yes. With an account.

A simple yet aesthetic countdown widget I like is this one from Indify. It's free to access (you only need to create a free account) and there are plenty of customization options, such as colors, and which metric is shown (week, day, hours, minutes, etc.). Customizing color is also easy as you can directly pick the Hex code from the Notion Color Palette.

Get it here

Widgetbox Countdown Widgets

Free? Yes. With an account.

Another customizable widget. You can customize font, colors and also add some icons to the countdown text. You can get it for free on widgetbox.app, where there is a limit of 6 free widgets you can create.

Get it here

Simple Count Down for Notion

Free? Yes, with free account.

This is a simple, free countdown widget for Notion. You can customize it with Dark and Light Mode, and also change the color. For extra customization options, you need to access it.

Get it here

New Year Animated Countdown Widget

Free? Ues.

This is a simple, free countdown widget for Notion for the new year.

Get it here

Christmas Countdown Widgets

Free? Yes.

Are you already waiting for Christmas? This countdown is perfect for you. It's set for Christmas 2024.

Copy this link and embed it in Notion, or go here to create your own.


Are Notion Widget Free?

Most widgets re totally free to use and customize, while others may require a subscription with limit on how many you can create. You can find more widget here.

Wrapping Up

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