22+ Stunning Anime & Studio Ghibli Notion Templates (+ Resources)

Discover the best Anime and Studio Ghibli Notion templates and resources to elevate your Notion pages to the next level. Our list includes a lot of different templates for personal use, and also tons of resources like studio Ghibi wallpaper, icons, cover, and more to customize your Notion pages.
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February 15, 2024

There's no doubt that there's an overlap between the anime and Studio Ghibli communities with the Notion community. In my previous roundups, Studio Ghibli and Anime templates have been featured many times. So, I decided to write a dedicated article to showcase the best anime and Studio Ghibli templates for Notion, to save you hours of fruitless research. No need to scan the web, here are the best templates for you (Most of them are free!)

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Best Studio Ghibli Template for Notion

1. Dark Mode Studio Ghibli Dashboard


Template Available Here

2. Studio Ghibli Anime Watchlist


Template Available Here

3. Spirited Away Digital Planner


Template Available Here

4. Spirited Away Notion Template


Template Available Here

Made my Amy

5. School Studio Ghibli


Template Available Here

6. Studio Ghibli Life Planner


Template available here

7. Studio Ghibli Inspired Dashboard


Template Available Here

Template by Lis Yeung

8. Studio Ghibli Sleep Journal Template


Template Available Here

9. Ponyo Themed Dashboard


Template Available Here

Template by u/emberstar1

10. Studio Ghibli Simple Workspace


Template Available Here

11. Studio Ghibli Student Planner


Template Available Here

Best Studio Ghibli Resource for Notion

Studio Ghibli Wallpaper

Totoro HD Wallpapers
Howl Moving Castle's HD Wallpaper

While working on this article, I came across some amazing content! It's a shared archive of high-definition, high-resolution Studio Ghibli wallpapers and screencaps. They're perfect for use as headers and covers for your Notion templates. The library was shared by a redditor named u/Weenbell. You can find the original post on Reddit.

The collection includes most of the Studio Ghibli movies and a selection of wallpapers for desktop and vertical wallpapers for smartphones.

Here's the link to access the shared folder:

Take me there

Studio Ghibli Profile Picture (PFP)

The easiest way to find a Studio Ghibli PFP is to search on Google or Pinterest. Simply type "Studio Ghibli PFP" to find a lot of resources.

Studio Ghibli Icons

Spirited Away Icon Set


Studio Ghibli Icon Set

Original Source

Studio Ghibli Gif

You can find tons of studio ghibli gif on giphy, Pinterst or Tumblr

Giphy - Tumblr - Pinterest


Studio Ghibli Dividers

Available Here

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Best Anime Template for Notion

12. Ultimate Watching List

Looking for a template to celebrate your passion for movies, anime, and TV shows? Don't miss this Ultimate Watch List Dashboard. It's aesthetic and well-designed, so you can track your watching list with Notion.

This template allows you to track and organize all the movies and TV shows you want to watch, are currently watching, and have already watched. Simply add your items and relevant details, and the template will take care of the rest. The Now Playing section helps eliminate choice paralysis by automatically presenting high-priority items from your watch list.


  1. Aesthetic visuals
  2. Compatible on desktop, tablet, and mobile
  3. Lifetime updates and priority customer support

Template Available Here

13. The Ultimate Finance Dashboard

The Ultimate Finance Dashboard is a cool, anime-themed template for managing your finances in one place. This all-in-one hub features 10+ pre-built templates and tools to make finances easy.

Whether you are looking to save money, pay off debt, or just develop a more mindful approach to money, this template will help you achieve your financial goals.

What’s Included:

  • Income Tracker
  • Expense Tracker
  • Spending Categories
  • Balance
  • Financial Habit Tracker
  • And much more!


  1. Beautiful Visuals
  2. Tooltips
  3. Customer Support

Template Available Here

14. Anime Cafe Dashboard – All-In-One Personal Hub

This anime-themed dashboard designed by Gridfiti, come with everything you need. Walk into your virtual cafè every morning and start your day on the right foot. The template pair perfectly with the Student OS

What's included?

  • Daily Habit Tracker
  • Daily Journal (Gratitude, Intentions & More)
  • Goals & Milestones
  • Mental & Physical Wellness Hub
  • Grocery, Meal Prep, Recipe Planners
  • And much more


  1. Aesthetic anime cafe loop visuals
  2. Lifetime updates
  3. Interconnected Database

Template Available Here

15. Simple Spending Tracker


This simple spending tracker, designed by Gridfiti, allows you to keep track of your spending by month. You can also track your sentiment, so you can review how a purchase made you feel. This template doesn't have a balance or income tracker.


  1. Cute aesthetic
  2. Add a new month with a button
  3. Calendar view

Template Available Here

16. Aesthetic Anime Dashboard - Personal Corner


Template Available Here

17. The Anime Kitchen


A weekly meal planner with a aesthetic studio-ghibli, anime theme.

What’s Included

  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • Shopping List
  • Food Recipe
  • Drink Recipe
  • Ai Cooking Idea
  • Cooking Video Compilation

Template Available Here

18. Animedoro Dashboard


As a student, you've probably heard of the Pomodoro Technique, but have you ever heard of Animedoro? It's a similar technique, but instead of working in 25-minute intervals, you work for 40 to 60 minutes followed by a 20-minute break where you can watch your favorite anime episode or show. This technique is helpful for all students who need extra motivation to get their work done and love anime.

To learn more about this technique, please refer to the following link.


  1. Animedoro Technique
  2. Anime Themed
  3. Optional Background Music

Template Available Here

19. Pink Sailor Moon Study Hub

90s Nostalgia? No problem with this Pink Sailor Moon Study Hub. This template has a subject master list with a unique Sailor Moon cover. Inside the page, you can include syllabi, email, hours, and all relevant information to help you navigate the exams.


  1. One-Month Game Plan
  2. Pre-filled subject page
  3. Simple Goal Tracker


Template Available Here

20. Soft Theme To-do List


Template Available Here

21. Anime Inspired Reading Template

A free, anime-inspired Notion book tracker that allows you to organize your books into shelves. This minimalist and aesthetically pleasing Notion template is perfect for anyone seeking a basic library template. This template includes a custom cover for each genre, a "currently reading" section, and a counter widget from Indify.


  1. Anime-inspired aesthetic
  2. Canva Shelf Cover template included
  3. Non-fiction genre

Template Available Here

22. Sailor Moon Medical School Template

For all Sailor Moon fans out there, this template is simply a dream come true. The Sailor Moon Medical School Template is a student planner designed specifically for medical students and comes with a Sailor Moon-inspired theme. It includes a Sailor Moon image for each notebook.


  1. Designed for medical students
  2. Track your tasks, projects, and notebooks
  3. Rotations database → Blocks for standard divisions of clinical rotations for your M3 year, with room for important dates and contact information.


Template Available Here

Why are Anime and Studio Ghibli so popular?

In modern culture, anime and Studio Ghibli films have gained immense popularity, captivating audiences of all ages worldwide. I too am not immune to the charm of anime aesthetics, and I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli (I've lost count of the total number of times I've watched Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle).

There is no doubt that anime has transcended cultural boundaries to become a global phenomenon. Its diverse genres, compelling characters, and intricate storytelling have contributed to its widespread appeal.

On the other hand, Studio Ghibli has established itself as a cinematic powerhouse, renowned for its visually stunning animations and emotionally resonant narratives. The studio's films, created under the visionary direction of Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata, have left an indelible mark on the film industry, often blending fantastical elements with profound themes that resonate with viewers on a deep level.

10 Tips to Make your Page More Aesthetic

1. Learn the layout and page basics

Learn how to add multiple columns. Hide comments and backlinks.Use Dark Mode.

2.Customize Fonts

Change the font size, the font style, or add your custom font with a font generator.

3.Choose a color palette or theme

Use coolors and Pinterest to find a color palette or theme to design your page around.

4.Add high-quality cover images

Find animated covers on Giphy or beautiful free wallpapers on Unsplash.

5. Add custom icons

Add custom animated or static icons from iconhunt or Icon8.

6. Create visual block

Add colored callouts to wrap databases and content. Add custom line dividers.

7. Master the Gallery View

Switch your database from table to gallery view. Customize the card preview to show images.

8. Add Widget

Embed aesthetic widgets like Pomodoro Timer, Digital Clock, or a Stopwatch.

9. Add Media

Embed videos from YouTube, playlists from Spotify, and boards from Pinterest.

10. Add buttons

Use the button feature to add functionality and aesthetic buttons.

Read the full tutorial on how to make your Notion Aesthetic.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, if you're a fan of anime or Studio Ghibli, the list of templates and resources included here should make your day. I believe that productivity can be enjoyable, and with a cozy Studio Ghibli template, you can enjoy your work even more.

Don't forget to check out our premium template, which is easy to customize with an anime or Studio Ghibli cover. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for tips, free templates, and resources exclusively for subscribers.

Happy Notion-ing!

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