Can Notion Send Notifications?

Learn how to send Notification in Notion so you never miss a deadline or task again. This guide covers everything you need to know about setting reminders in Notion, including inline reminders and reminders within a database. Start staying on top of your productivity game today!
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July 15, 2024

Learn how to send Notification in Notion in less than minutes.

If you're using Notion as go-to productivity system for calendar, life planner, project manager, or task manager, you may want to add reminders to stay on top of important appointments, deadlines, or tasks. If you're wondering whether Notion can send reminders and how to set them up, keep reading.

Can Notion Send Reminders?

Yes, Notion can send reminders. Whenever you add a reminder, Notion will send you a notification at the designated time. This notification appears at the top of your sidebar, under your account profile, in the "Updates" section. This feature is especially helpful for setting due dates and ensuring you never forget anything.

Example of a reminder.

How to Set Reminders in Notion

There are two ways to add reminders in Notion: inline reminders and reminders inside a database.

How to Set an Inline Reminder Anywhere on a Page

To add an inline reminder anywhere on a page, type "@" and type remind. You can choose the date by writing it down, like If you type a date like "May 3, 2023", Notion will set a reminder for that.

However, you can type "@remind" followed by a date, time, or both to set the reminder directly. If you've already added a reminder, you can change the time and date by clicking on it. A date picker will appear, allowing you to modify the reminder time and date as needed.

For example, you can type:

  • "@remind Wednesday at 1 PM"
  • "@remind tomorrow"
Inline reminder

How to Set a Reminder in a Database

To add a reminder in a database, you'll need to have a Date property. When you click on the Date property, the date picker will appear, allowing you to select the date and time when you want Notion to send you a reminder.

Database reminder.

How Reminders Work

When you set a reminder,  at the tiem you’ve set it, you'll receive a notification. You can receive a notification in multiple awy.

  • A red badge will pop up next to "Updates" at the top of your left sidebar, right below your account name.
  • If you have the desktop Notion app, you'll receive a push notification.
  • If you have the mobile Notion app, you'll receive a push notification within 5 minutes.
  • If Notion isn't open at the time of your reminder, you'll get a mobile push notification (if you have the app) and an email.

Inline reminders turn from blue to red when the date is overdue.


Notion is a powerful productivity tool that lets you manage your tasks, appointments, and projects with ease. By setting up reminders, you can stay on top of important deadlines and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Whether you prefer inline reminders or reminders in a database, Notion has you covered.

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