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So you have ADHD and you’re trying to get your life together with Notion? You stumble upon the right part of the internet.

Your roadmap to Notion

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Step 1: Download Notion

Get started by downloading Notion. It's available for both desktop and mobile platforms.


Step 2: Grab Personal Kit

Streamline your life with our Free Personal Booster Kit for Notion. It contain free templates, ai prompt, tool and resource to get you ahead of 99% of people.
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Step 3: Watch Tutorial

Unlock the full potential of Notion with beginners tutorial to get you started with Notion.


Step 4: Read our Guide

Gain valuable insights and strategies for managing your life with Notion. Our guide covers tips for getting more organized with Notion's features to support your unique needs.

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Hand Draw Illustration

Step 5: Stay update

Join our community and stay updated on the latest tips, templates, and resources for maximizing your productivity with Notion.
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Want to streamline your entire life?

Try our Ultimate Life Planner for Notion
Set your visions, track your goal and organize your whole life in one place.
Ultimate Life Planner for Notion Dashboard
Built for the Everyday Life

You can ditch 99% of your apps with the Ultimate Life Planner. It's more than just a planner, it's a tool to organize every aspect of your life.

Efficiently Designed

Meticulously crafted to minimize clutter and distractions. With a sleek and intuitive layout users can navigate effortlessly, focusing on living their life, not managing it.

Easy and Intuitive to Use

The templates include both a comprehensive video tutorial and written guide, ensuring you can get started in minutes, not hours.


The template is designed as I wanted it to be. Lots of options out there but the Daily Dashboard layout and all other necessary sections that I care for are all easily accessible as well. She even customized mine a bit. Well worth the price and customer service is unparalleled. Thank you very much Giorgia!

Notion X Personal Use

Find quick answers to commonly asked questions.

Is Notion Good for Personal Use?

Absolutely! Notion is an incredibly versatile tool that can be tailored to suit various personal needs. Whether you're looking to organize your tasks, manage your goals, track your habits, journal your thoughts, or plan your projects, Notion offers the flexibility and customization options to accommodate your unique lifestyle. Learn more about using Notion for organizing your life here.

What Are the Best Notion Templates for Persone Use?

When it comes to the best Notion templates for personal use, the Ultimate Life Planner stands out as a comprehensive solution. Tailored specifically for individuals seeking to streamline their life organization, the Ultimate Life Planner offers customizable templates for tasks, goals, schedules, habits, and more.

How Can I Use Notion to Organize my Life?

Organizing your life in Notion depend of your lifestyle and need, but  popular use of Notion for include planning to keep track of daily tasks, appointments, and priorities; goal tracking to monitor short-term and long-term objectives with actionable steps; habit tracking to establish and maintain healthy routines over time; journaling to reflect on thoughts and experiences digitally; and meal planning for efficient meal preparation and nutritional tracking. With the Ultimate Life Planner, you can seamlessly manage all these aspects of your life and more, providing a comprehensive solution to enhance your organization and productivity.

Where Can I Find Free Templates for Personal Use and Organizing my Life?

For free templates designed to boost productivity, we recommend getting our "Personal Booster Kit for Notion" template collection. These templates offer a variety of organizational structures and tools to help you stay focused, organized, and efficient in your daily tasks. You can also find free template on our gallery here, or explore even more in our weekly roundup of templates.

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