Animedoro timer

The Animedoro Timer widget for Notion is a delightful and unique take on the Pomodoro Technique that infuses your work sessions with a touch of anime-inspired fun and productivity. This widget is designed for anime enthusiasts and productivity seekers alike, combining the effectiveness of the Pomodoro method with the engaging world of anime.

How it Works?

  1. Click "Copy to Clipboard"
  2. Paste inside Notion
  3. Select "Create Embed"
  4. Enjoy!

For widget that require customization, like Spotify, Weather or Calendar be sure to check the full tutorial.

Copy to Clipboard

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Frequently asked questions

Find quick answers to commonly asked questions.

What are Notion Widgets?

Widgets are small, standalone software components or applications that provide specific functions or information within a larger software environment or user interface. They are designed to be visually compact and easy to interact with. Widgets are typically used to enhance the user experience by offering quick access to relevant data or functionality without the need to navigate through a full application or website.